Recommended Links

  Recommended Links  

For your personal benefit and study, we have provided links to the following Christian sites.

Inclusion of a link does not necessarily mean that Bible Church of Buena Park endorses all of the material or other links that may be found there, nor does exclusion of other websites indicate our lack of endorsement of their contents. - The landing page for Pastor Scott's book, Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament (B&H Academic Digital, 2016). - (to be redeveloped) An outreach website where members of our church share their testimonies.

Set The Sails - Pastor Scott's blogsite where he occassionally writes on matters of interpretation, hymnology, and other pastoral issues.

Careful with that Sword! - Pastor Scott's smaller blogsite dedicated soley to issues of Bible interpretation.

IFCA International - The fellowship of which Bible Church of Buena Park is a part.

IFCA SoCal - The Southern California chapter of IFCA International.

The Master's Seminary - Sun Valley (Los Angeles), California. Pastor Scott has served as an adjunct professor here since 2002.

The Master's University - Santa Clarita, California. Pastor Scott has served as an online instructor here since 2011.

Grace to You - The Radio & Resource Ministry of Dr. John MacArthur.

The Spurgeon Archive - Great Information on "The Prince of Preachers," Charles Spurgeon.